Mel – Business Owner

“6 months ago, I decided to purchase my first business in a trade that I know very little, to nothing, about. I had nothing but passion and work ethic to base my decisions on. The first time I met Kerry, I will never forget. I was totally intimidated! She kept asking me all these questions about my plans for the future and why I saw myself purchasing this particular business, needless to say I knew that she was a very confident and professional figure in my future business.

Throughout my working career, I have been sent on several management courses and had managed teams of 20+ people. I have never come across anyone like Kerry. Her ability to solve problems under pressure and make professional decisions are incredible. She has the ability to motivate staff members to be the absolute best they can be every day. She has the ability to make our clients feel safe and welcome, which in my industry is a big thing. She handles every day with the utmost professional outlook, while maintaining an approachable nature. In the last 6 months, Kerry has taught me more lessons than I can count, both in the business world and my personal world. If there are any businesses that are thinking about hiring Kerry to run programs within their offices, I cannot recommend her enough.”