My name is Kerry Hort Rowe. Here is my story.

I am a wife, widow, mother and grandmother and I have had to overcome some hard times in my life to become the strong, motivated and driven woman I am today. I know what I want in life and I have a deeper understanding of who I am.

My professional life started in the hairdressing industry. I was always very motivated and worked hard in achieving the goals I set for myself. I was successful at such a young age winning Western Australia’s “Apprentice of the Year”.

I got married and raised 4 beautiful children while continuing to work. Managing my family life, building a home, managing my own business kept me busy and made me very happy in life. At the end of 2003, my life turned upside down when my husband died. I found myself alone with 4 children to raise, and debts to pay.

In August 2004, I did a HBDI profile which changed how I looked at myself and helped me make some sensible decisions for my family while still coping with the loss of my husband.


Many years later, I was finally able to talk openly about my tragic loss and how I worked through it. Speaking out about my life, I realised that it helped others to understand how they think and enable them to put in place the right processes to make life decisions easier. I have given many presentations to high school student girls about body image, hair, make-up and their overall presentation.

Attending many sales and management courses over the years has shown me there are two very common themes all the great and successful people have.

  • Take a chance and trust yourself and
  • Plan you work and work your plan.

I am a qualified HBDI Accredited Practitioner and is happy to help you become successful in life no matter how big or small your goals are.


I am happy to listen to your concerns about your business and people. My strongest skills involve creating a great team of people that can work together and achieve goals for themselves and the business.

I understand business is hard these days, ‘standing out in a crowd’ is getting tougher, but one of the key factors in business is its people. I will help you get the best out of your people so that your business can shine above its competitors.

I can help you and your people to get Better Thinking, Better Performance and Better Results.


Empowering all Business’s to Succeed on their own


To Support each Business in their Growth


To Inspire Business’s to grow through Quality training