Greg – IT Executive

“Getting my HDBI profile done was all about understanding what thinking patterns I use when presented with common scenarios in my line of work.

In my line of work I manage people to deliver business solutions, of which most are time critical and complex in nature. The dynamic of part of my work is being able to work across many business areas and deliver support or solutions, engaging with people from different disciplines who, at times may not be certain of their needs.

In order to deal with such scenarios many areas of the brain are used to engage with people, analyze information, plan for an agreed deliverable and describe the future state vision to the customer.

After completing my HDBI profile I understood why I naturally swayed to certain ways of thinking about an issue, including what I found easy and what was difficult. My results did not surprise me, however they gave me some perspective on where I can use my team more effectively across the areas where I had less strengths. I plan to get greater productivity from my team and myself by viewing my team as a ‘whole brain’ when collaborating on solutions.”